Our Professional Services

Service 1

Labeling (FNSKU)

FNSKU stands for Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit. It is a label placed mostly on every single item you ship to Amazon and it is used by them so they can identify a product as being unique to a specific seller.

Service 2


Amazon requires poly bags for certain types of products. Once you're working on your shipping plan, Amazon will let you know if there's any prep (such as poly bagging) required for your ASINs. As a general rule, Amazon says that poly bagging may be required to:

  • Prevent leaks or spills from damaging other items in the shipment
  • Protect items from dust or dirt
  • Prevent loose items from being separated (like with a bundle or multi-pack)

Bubble wrapping

Amazon requires bubble wrap for fragile or glass products. For example, fine china, frames, clocks, mirrors, and liquids in glass bottles, or jars require this packaging. This prevents a customer from receiving a damaged product. Damage products get returned. Returns can lead to an account suspension.


Product bundling is a technique in which several products are grouped together and sold as a single unit for one price. This strategy is used to encourage customers to buy more products. McDonald’s Happy Meals are an example of product bundles. Instead of selling a burger, soda, and french fries separately, they are sold as a combination, which leads to more sales than offering them separately.


A multipack is simply a packaging of multiple quantities of the same product. The most commonly used multi-pack variations are 2- or 3-packs, however we can customize your pack to suit your needs.

Creating FBA Shipments

This is a service that you can delegate to us, we can help you with the creation of all shipping plans month to month. If you are not interested in delegating it, we also work with allies who send us the labels corresponding to each prep request.

Storage (Long and Short Term)

Although our core business is not storage, we can still offer you the service. Contact us to understand your needs and give you a quote.

FLT, LTL and SPD fulfillment

We are capable of fulfilling full truckloads, a couple of pallets, or even a single small parcel delivery.

Service 9

Amazon Pallet Deliveries Throughout the Southeastern United States within 3-4 days delivery guaranteed

We have alliances with private carriers with which we send the merchandise to fulfillment centers located in the southeast of the United States. Unlike the use of Amazon's partner carriers, which can take up to 3-4 weeks to get your products to the fulfillment centers, with us your merchandise will be checked in a maximum of 3-4 days after being shipped, this is cash-flow game changer for your business.

Hazmat Pallet Deliveries are Accepted.