Why Us?

ProPackers is a packaging and preparation center that seeks to make the logistics life of our partners easier. We don't have customers, we have partners, and our primary goals are to help you save money on prep work and shipping, and help you gain an edge over your competition in online marketplaces.

We specialize in optimizing our internal processes to make each of your products profitable. Our main purpose is not to make money but to build loyal, solid, and long-term relationships.


ProPackers is a company that started in 2020 to provide solutions to our partners who sell mainly on Online Marketplaces.


Grow your business from anywhere in the world by providing the smartest prices on the market and high-quality service in a timely manner.


Being the largest and most trusted logistics ally for online sellers in the United States.

Just think about this!

It's no secret that Amazon and Walmart marketplaces are great channels to increase sales and reach new customers. It makes a lot of sense to use FBA or WFS services in order to take advantage of Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus Memberships, free shipping offers, and other perks of fulfilling orders through these two retail giants.

The downfall of FBA/Amazon or WFS/Walmart prep is that they lack flexibility, requiring your products to be ready to be fulfilled upon arrival at their fulfillment centers. Otherwise, you run the risk of being charged for non-compliance or even worse, having your inventory rejected.

What could be better than partnering with an ally who understands your business? We’ve been preparing inventory for FBA in all capacities, from a Full Track Load to Small Parcel Deliveries. and repackaging thousands of SKUs to simply labeling products with barcodes. No matter what size the job is, we guarantee to meet Amazon prep requirements 100% of the time.